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Note that Dan won't be available next week due to travel.

Discussed statistical processes and reviewed the GSBPM v5, which is a recently updated process model for statistics. See for a link to the document we looked at today.  This particular model is international, focused on statistics for international publication – BLS has adapted this for internal use.  If at some stage we choose to represent statistical processes, then we could reference this to incorporate the process steps that statistical offices do to design and execute surveys, etc.

Dan will come up with definitions for program and statistical program, and will link the latter to the GSBPM.

Dan will also investigate definitions related to personal consumption expenditure (PCE) price indexes.  See for a description of the difference between CPI and PCE.  There may be additional definitions we can get from this document either about PCE or related to inflation calculations.  We need to be able to define inflation in terms of CPI and PCE, where currently inflation is poorly defined and under specified.  We also need to improve on the definition of GDP.

There is a context sensitive glossary published by the census bureau that may be useful.  The American Housing Survey is the main source for information on housing starts, etc.  See  Housing is the other area where we need input for economic indicators, mainly to define the housing starts indicator.

Slides from this week, largely the same as last week, are available here – 


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