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Most of our discussion today was about "ease of use" of FIBO for various kinds of users - ways in that we could potentially add to the FIBO Viewer.  It would be great to add a kind of cookbook, that would allow a user to enter their area of interest, such as swaps, be able to download a subset of FIBO that includes everything a swap inherits and everything that inherits from swap, but nothing that one doesn't need for that perspective, and then have instructions on how to load that subset ontology into Protege, for example - for newbies.  This goes back to Dean's tree shaker idea - to create slices or viewpoints of a large ontology like FIBO to help people focus on what they really are interested in and need in a prototype application.

We also discussed a few issues in flight - DER-125, to complete the work on the UTI, eliminating deprecated elements (DER-128), and DER-126 - cleaning up the swap events, which we will work on over the coming week or so.


Action items