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Today we looked at the provisional credit ratings ontology together with the recently released credit events ontology.  Some questions were raised about how a downgrade in an organization or instrument works.  Currently in the credit events ontology we have the notion of a downgrade event.  We added an example, which is more about an event related to a credit rating than a more general credit event, and moved a restriction from credit event to default event (FBC-296).  More work needs to be done to tease out the differences between an event associated with a credit rating and an actual credit event, however.

This needs to be sorted so that we can continue updating the security-related corporate actions ontology in tandem, but also relates to how we link some of the concepts in the ILDR reporting standard for loans to credit and risk ratings.

One question came up regarding the difference between breach of covenant and breach of contract, and how the two are related.  They are currently siblings in the ontology.  Elisa will reach out to her partner, Rob Kost, who is a practicing attorney for assistance.


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