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Today we merged some of the changes that went in over the weekend, including SEC-177, which dragged in a number of jurisdiction and other files into equities unnecessarily.  We are creating several new load files for all of FIBO production: t-box only, t-box plus reference data, t-box plus examples, and "all of the above" in AboutFIBOProd, to better serve our user community and the issues with the equity ontology popped up during that exercise.

In reviewing the loans ontology to complete enough of the payment history to warrant releasing the ontology, we stumbled on an odd use of monetary measure, where what is really needed is monetary amount, where monetary measure was used as what we believe should be currency unit, such as $1 in USD.  We agreed to define the concept of currency unit as a unit of measure, make unit of account a subclass of that, and deprecate monetary measure, which is more about monetary policy as out of scope.  Then we need to review the places where monetary measure is used and either replace them with currency unit or replace them with monetary amount as appropriate.

Once that's done we can go back to loans and complete the process of moving concepts related to commitment to pay and commitment to repay to the loan itself, and, where needed for mortgages add the concept of a note associated with the mortgage at a later date.

For the release this week, Elisa will (1) fix monetary measure and add currency unit as a synonym to what we have as currency in FIBO, which is a unit of measure, (2) fix the definitions of loan-to-value ratio to use a percentage but not double values for percentage and a numeric amount in LoanCore, and then (3) move details related to commitment to pay/re-pay and work on addressing payment history / payment to include the details needed for ACTUS cash flow reporting and more general reporting of loans so that we can release LoanCore.

Jeff sent regrets for this week and for missing a few other meetings recently due to family commitments.

Note that we are considering collapsing this meeting with the Friday IND meeting, rename that meeting as SEC, and eliminating the separate IND meeting due to the number of commitments folks have.  We'll decide about this over the next week or two once Jeff is back to confirm his availability.


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