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Discussed the issues around ISO 20022, and a summary of it provided by the OFR via the Financial Instrument Reference Database (FIRD), available at  The business model in ISO 20022 is maintained outside the standard, and Jeff will forward references about it as time permits.

With respect to BIAN, there are high-level product domains that do have some details about the products that are covered by BIAN that we should review for coverage.  Again, Jeff will forward details on that for our purposes.

Some things we should look at include (1) how close we are to covering the CDE from CPMI/IOSCO so that we can clearly state that FIBO can be used for securities master data management, and (2) moving on to mapping to ACTUS to bridge the algorithm gap and be able to claim that FIBO is a bridging standard, especially with respect to bridging contracts and counterparties.


Action items