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John Nowlin joined us today.  Continued our discussion of rights and warrants.  Pete found a good reference at  This covers an area within warrants that is fairly hot right now.  Both the CFTC and SEC are looking at rules and regulations around this at the moment.  The current ontology is missing the distinction between private warrants and public warrants.  Private warrants are not tradable, whereas public warrants are, but they may be traded OTC or exchange traded.  

With respect to the existing ontology, the following additional changes are needed: (1) add classes for call, put, and both/neither (for neither, since we can get both through subclassing), (2) add classes for the missing asset classes per the CFI, and (3) replace the two boolean properties with classes (for perpetual maturity, since call/put would address the other boolean).  Pete will do some homework on the formula for issuing shares or other instruments based on existing holdings and how we should represent that.  Elisa will map a handful of the concepts in John's preliminary mapping of the CFR to show what we mean, and give a flavor of the ontology.


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