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Discussed the notion of creating a reporting scheme for the BIS CDE and potentially for each of the forthcoming CFTC reporting requirements (of which there are a number) such that a financial institution could leverage the scheme and its relationship to other elements in FIBO to create queries or other similar artifacts as the basis for reporting.

In order to get this started, perhaps we should document it in a use case, either as a sub-use case off our standardized reporting use case in DER or a higher level use case for using FIBO for reporting / analyses and annotating elements according to any given scheme. At the highest level, the use case would involve annotating something for a specific purpose.  Then in the case of the BIS CDE, we are talking about annotations for the purposes of mapping to those common data elements, as one example.

The latest document describing the CDE, from April 2018, is available at  See also the CDE governance document available at

And, from DTCC,

There are really two issues that need to be addressed through some of what we do, namely the integration and harmonization of many legacy reporting formats, and also to work well with EU reporting requirements.  Bridging and integrating these content standards is something that we could help with, but we should work through at least some example of how to tag elements in FIBO for specific reports or other purposes to help address this.


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