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During today's meeting we agreed to begin tackling some of the smaller issues on our DER workstream before addressing a couple of more complicated ones.  We started with DER-98, which involved revising the exercise terms for American style options and other instruments.  The change involved adding an expiration date to all options (which was a gap) and eliminating the restriction with respect to an exercise window on American exercise terms given that we have the expiration date.

A couple of other issues that Elisa may tackle over the course of this week include (1) changing the definition of the Bank for International Settlements from a class to an individual (DER-108), and (2) proposing an approach to DER-112, in which some relationships involving underliers have a direct connection to the kind of underlier and others are indirect through hasIdentity.  The concern is that this could cause reasoning errors downstream, so it should be addressed and we will need a handful of strawman examples to test with to ensure that it works.


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