This page includes the set of artifacts provided to the OMG the week of August 15th 2016 as the submission for the Indices and Indicators (IND) FTF (finalization task force) 2/3 Report.

FIBO IND 1.0 Beta 2 Specification Document

This (clean) version of the specification document reflects the changes identified by the working group and integrated into the document.     

The redlined version of the specification is available here: 

FIBO IND FTF 2/3 Machine-readable files

The normative OWL files for this specification (the ontologies themselves) are available here: 

The informative OWL files (about files mainly, plus the XML catalog file that assists in loading them) are available here: 

The ancillary VOM/MagicDraw model files used to create the diagrams and for round-trip analysis purposes are available here: