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Today we walked through the remaining things we need to address to make the basket indices ontology releasable.  There are really three remaining issues that need to be addressed in order to do this: (1) IND-91, which cleans up the various properties of baskets and indices that will help make things clearer, (2) having examples of the values of the index constituents, i.e. share prices for one point in time for the examples we've included for the Dow, which we should do under SEC, and (3) cleaning up all of the layers of baskets and basket constituents which are really overkill and don't add semantics, covered under IND-93.  It would be nice to eliminate the tiny publishers ontology, IND-92, as part of that clean-up process as well, although that's lower priority.  If we can get these things done over the next couple of weeks, that would be a nice place to draw the line for the Q1 FIBO release.


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