FIBO FBC Changes in Foundations

The main part of today's meeting was a presentation of the Foundations changes in the recently filed FIBO Financial Business and Commerce specification, by Elisa Kendall.

Note that the related specifications for Languge and Country Codes (LCC) is being submitted in the morning of Wednesday 23 September t the Architecture and Design Task Force (ADTF) - see agenda at

Elisa encourages all FTF members to attend ADTF in the morning on Wednesday.

This is a significant knock-on effect on the FDTF agenda, since we had planned to have the practical workshop on FIBO modeling, on the Wednesday morning. As well as encouraging FDTF memberes to attend ADTF instead, Elisa notes that many of the people who would want to be involved in the workshop would bat at ADTF instead

Action; Mike Bennett to completely rearrange the nearly-completed agenda for FDTF to accommodate this.

The FBC document as submitted to the OMG can be found at the following link on the wiki:

The changes to FIBO Foundations are in Clause 6.4 where these are described as detailed editing instructions.

Other Foundations FCT Business

Following Elisa's presentation we went through some of the remaining slides from today - see slide deck below. We did not go over the ontology material again. The work on facets for occurrent things is substantively complete. The slides have been mended slightly to show the impact of later work on states, and to identify an edit change in one of the graphics.

JIRA Issues

We looked briefly at the open JIRA issues but were out of time before we could update these in detail. There has been little movement since last time. Most of the outstanding issues require dedicated FND FCT sessions to revisit the ontologies for people, ownership and control and so on, as identified at our previous meeting.