Mike Atkin


1) Review and adjustment to generic model


11:10 AM: Ratings ontology is designed to FND

11:12 AM: Rating statement = some assertion made by the rating agency

11:13 AM: Three actions can occur (rating initiated, rating withdrawn, rating adjusted)

11:15 AM: FND Wiki on Ratings:

11:18 AM: Relationship between rating performer and rating statement - assessment is not the inverse of attestation (publisher = agency).  

11:25 AM: Model is missing the relationship between performer and agency (CC to upload the

11:29 AM: Rating scale (agencies provide an assessment (qualitative) - so even the same score from analyst (opinion) can carry different weight/value to the market.  The market may value the opinion of one analyst over another.  Cory maintain that this should not part of the ontology

11:33 AM: CC question - is there anything that seeks to normalize ratings between scales

11:35 AM: For next meeting - please review hte definitions for the properties and classes (to complete the generic model) - they are posted on the Wiki

11:37 AM: After generic model - move to specific concepts associated with the ratings of companies

11:39 AM: MB to evaluate "formal statement" and "date" ontology as the baseline for next steps

11:45 AM: Anything that is currently in informative (and needed for this ontology) needs to be "regularized" into production FIBO - i.e. formal statement (PR suggests removing formal statement / CC disagrees)

11:47 AM: Cancel next week’s ratings and reconvene with the industry stakeholders on the 13th

11:48 AM: Address the issue of reconciliation of classes and properties by the FIBO insiders during the FND meeting on the 12th


Action items