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20190122  FIBO FND FCT


Fannie Mae people join the call with Cory.


FBC-211 (Ratings) is GitHub 683. This is still being commented and not ready to be honored. Cory is the last commenter. Needs additional properties and review by FBC.


Jeff: Is this identifying rating categories like indices. Cory Yes. MB Needs additional disambiguation criteria. Jeff How deep would this go? Cory e.g. ratings, ratings score, ratings scheme, etc. Jeff Does that bleed over to types of ratings. Cory definitely.


MB Who owns AboutFIBOProd? ACTION: DWiz ask DA.


FND-232 says that the union is replaced by taxonomic relations. PR Thinks it adds to, not replaces. PR What the Union provides is that the independent party can only be a subclass of only what is in the Union. Cory says action to raise a new issue that gets rid of the union. Independent party has subclasses of only person and legal entity. Pete What it now says creates a redundant superclass. But people want this.


Pete The purpose of the change was to add autonomous agent as a superclass whether this is necessary or not.


Cory will think about a new JIRA issue on this issue.


Pete Do we have independently discernable? MB No, it has been greatly shortened. MB should there be an explanatory note that expands the definition?


ACTION: MB Raise a single JIRA to add explanatory notes and resolve the to have a union or not to have an union re independent party.


Software Agent Abstract FND-153 closed no change.


Addresses PoC Slide 19


ACTION: MB to calendar a special meeting to focus on a PoC for physical addresses.


Jeff Google has a new pattern that can identify a particular location within a building.


Alfresco remains seriously out of date.


Auto Diagrams should be possible to be generated to be submitted as an OMG spec.  Jeff: Clearly a topic for another call


Cory The point is to have diagrams that are absolutely current and up to date. Suggests 2 types of diagrams be maintained the machine generated taxonomy and person curated that are maintained.


Jeff Braswell "Upper CASE" is OWL."Lower CASE" is diagram. (inversion from usual Upper/Lower CASE tool suites


Action items