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JIRA Review


The completion and enhancement of additional content (credit indices, equity indices, market indices, reference indices, etc.) is the next IND objective.  Legacy content provides a starting point but is incomplete.  Most of the discussion was focused on the development of the engagement strategy for recruiting additional subject matter experts.



Chat Log


11:52 AM: Integrate the provisional IND ontologies into IND

11:52 AM: Issue: statistical program (a piece of work/process) not a publication - needs to be fixed

11:53 AM: Lucy as SME on statistical program (get Lucy and Dan engaged)

11:54 AM: Representation of values and representation of statistical program can be advanced without additional SME resources

11:55 AM: IND 70 (market indices) - needs SME engagement. Need list of candidates and need to be able to model variations of different industries and industry specific 

11:56 AM: Mike Pool volunteered to help model indices - MA to reach out and engage

11:56 AM: IND 11 (PR and EK can advance)

11:57 AM: Dan and Lucy to evaluate IND 70 after PR and EK fix bugs

11:59 AM: SME targets (Moody's, S&P, statistical indices, BLS, StatCan; interest rates ontology from FpML are already included;

11:59 AM: The IND gap is in MARKET INDICES

12:00 PM: The legacy ontology is incomplete (credit indices, components of credit index, equity indexes, equity reference index/basket of securities) are shallow

12:01 PM: Need to dive deeper into equity index - must represent the index as the baseline for equity-based derivatives)

12:02 PM: Need process for framing issues, defining status, identifying SMEs, recruiting SMEs and running meeting)

12:04 PM: Create working calendar with plan for preparation (define the invitation mechanism to craft the status)

12:06 PM: Work with EK - define introduction and work plan (think about launch 2 weeks from now)

12:10 PM: Plan for an hour webinar - create outline, check with DS and PR, show existing in Protégé, show interest rates on Adaptive

12:12 PM: Draft invitation with EK as next step

12:12 PM: MA to reach out to Mike Pool for IND engagement

12:15 PM: Evaluate the process for user engagement - how to contribute, how to use JIRA, how to join Wiki (DS volunteered to help define the process)

6) For next week.



Action items

Elisa Kendall Pete Rivett JIRA numbers 11, 73, 74 and 22: Elisa Kendall and Pete Rivett to advance (no additional SME resources needed)

Mike Atkin Elisa Kendall JIRA numbers 70, 24, need additional SME engagement to advance