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20181218 DER FCT 


Marla, will be added to the JIRA and Wiki for FIBO DERivitives. Expect an email from Atlassian for the EDMC FIBO invite.,


ACTION: MA - contact ISDA for access to CDM (follow-up with Ian


MA - explained EBRDF objective and process. MA - explained the core concepts we are choosing


DN - how will this be operationalized (what technology, who performs, how mapped, what systems, process for aligning source data to concepts.  MA - first meeting is scoping and mapping. Jeff B - need access to CDM (event model vs. content definition model). MA:  Needed for bank commitment = more on the objective (EBRDF and project goals) - write up as proposal. Needed = outcome on pilot and time commitment for recruiting banks


MA - added Marla Dans as SME to participate in pilot


MA - formalize proposal ASAP for Wells for recruitment from Capital Markets.  Initial evaluation of concepts (terms are straightforward from contract) these are used for calculation of onward. IRS are fairly simple products (relatively straight  forward) - the issues is dealing with full set of derivations. MA – If the goal is to generate a report then need test data


DN - is this pilot being done by a hosted participant or individually within the bank


MA - do we want to engage any vendors. MA – Should the  mapping done in spreadsheet or in triples?


DN - goal is to generate a harmonized report (the empirical evidence of success) - need identification of source systems, ability to ingest elements into a common model. DN - need lineage from inception to conclusion


PR - this pilot can be done using conventional approaches (spreadsheets) or complex approaches


Jeff Braswell: if objectives are post-trade, regulatory reporting requirements for such things as liquidity and future exposures, then forward-looking events must be considered, and not just product classification


DN - first meeting (kick off) will define the work to perform


Action items