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20150731 FIBO-FND FCT  




Comment on slide 9 Loan variables, loans concepts that are dependent on external parties. These are two separate matters




Recording of performance against commitments.  Also there are dynamically variable classifications.




Action: Mike to post the document he sent to Dean, to the Foundation FCT Wiki.  Also tutorial slides on how to use the relative thing and mediating thing concepts. (Pizza and Wine)  DONE




FND­22 – comment: it is not necessarily a bad thing that this is underspecified.  There are things we can say about currency but do we need to say all of them this early in the import pathway?  To be reviewed in a Homework session before FND­22 can be closed.  I can hear you all OK




David Blaszkowsky: Though I understand the point, I cannot conceive of a single use of the ontology in the financial services industry or financial regulation/supervision where M1 or M3 would be confused for "money". My thought is to connect to one of the taxonomies and ontologies for macroeconomics. Just a comment from a guy at a bank.




Jeff Braswell: David ­­ yes M1 and M3 are really concepts of "money supply", which are macroeconomic quantities along the lines of GDP and other economic measures




David Blaszkowsky: Thanks Jeff ­­ this keeps coming up, and it shouldn't.




Action: connect to the eternal ontologies on money supply and macroeconomcis, and make it clear that these have no relationships to the Money Amounts and other concepts in FIBO CurrencyAmount




This to be covered in the future review of CurrencyAmount along with the open issue.




Review: should we add a property to Culminating Occurrent with a range of State?




Prescriptive and Descriptive ­ can we think of possible axioms for next week's homework call?  Has granularity property should be in Quantities and Units.  Instantaneous – similar to continuous v real numbers in the broader units and measures work.  Continuous relating to measures of duration  Most things, except continuous accrual, most other events are instants in time.  Accrual itself has complexities which we will look k next week.  Jeff Braswell:  "fence and the fence posts"




Next meeting Fri 7 August (Homework meeting)

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