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2) Where we are on our road map. 

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20171010 FIBO FND FCT


John Gemski Got page not found or insufficient permissions for the 2nd wiki location Mike sent. Anyone else have this problem?

Might be limited membership in the INFRA wiki - best to ask Dennis about being added.


DWiz shows current spec publish 20170930.


MB explains the news slide #3.  Mike has or is reducing the list of participants to those currently active


FND priority remains Loans coagulation and name collisions.  There is a workaroundable bug in CCM that disappears definitions. No Magic is working on this.


We can now output owl from CCM but have syntactical issues. We can ingest OWL. All pieces are individually working.


We need a definitive list of what CCM does not do. E.G Blank Nodes. We still need a finite list of allowable FIBO patterns. We need to look at this more closely and negotiate with No Magic.


ACTION:  MB: By Thursday the definitive description will be written including a list of what else is needed.


MB walks through recent content changes in FND.  MB shows the model of an automated system.  Replace System with the word Application.  Bobbin:  But still needs more work; align with omg agent/event Agent Submission?



Action items