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FIBO Loan Content Team:

Use Case for Loan Data


Name:  Loan Content Team 

Date: April 23, 2015




Table of Contents

Use Case List

1 Schema.Org Aggregation of Loan Offerings

1.1 Feature Process Flow

1.2 Use Case(s)

1.3 Additional Information

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Initial draft of use case for review with FIBO Loan Content Team












Use Case List

Use Case ID

Primary Actor

Use Cases


Web aggregator

Aggregate financial quote data for loans across providers








1        Schema.Org Aggregation of Loan Offerings

1.1    Feature Process Flow










1.2    Use Case(s)

Use Case ID:


Use Case Name:

Aggregate web-based loan offerings presented by multiple providers for comparative shopping

Created By:

L. Calahan

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Date Created:


Last Revision Date:



  1. Web Aggregator
  2. FIBO Ontology
  3. Lender (loan providers)
  4. Lender websites
  5. Consumer



Multiple lenders present loan terms on their websites for consumer reference while researching potential loan options. A web aggregator wishes to reference multiple lender loan terms available on proprietary websites, harmonize the data, and publish an aggregate report a consumer may use for comparison.


Consumer request for loan product characteristics. 



  1. Lenders routinely publish loan terms and characteristics for the public on their proprietary websites.
  2. Terms and conditions for loans are built into the FIBO ontology in order to aid harmonization of data.


Post conditions:


Aggregated comparison report is published by web aggregator displaying loan terms for multiple lender products.



Normal Flow:


  1. Lenders publish loan characteristics and terms on their proprietary websites in the normal course of business.
  2. Web aggregator references lender websites to access loan term and characteristics data
  3. Lender data is harmonized using the FIBO ontology.
  4. Web aggregator pulblishes comparative report of lender loan terms and characteristics
  5. While shopping, consumer accesses comparison report through search engine to conduct research for loan shopping.



  1. FIBO interpretation of loan terms for loan products and characteristics
  2. List of loan products and characteristics typically displayed


Frequency of Use:

The comparison report should be executed at-will; as the consumer desires a current report of terms and conditions. 

Special Requirements:

Leverage overlap in data concepts that are present in the HMDA use case and spreadsheet



  1. The FIBO Loan model is based upon MISMO standard concepts


Notes and Issues:




1.3    Additional Information


  1. Loan terms and characteristics



  1. Current Date and Time
  2. Mortgage Loan Type
  3. Loan Purpose
  4. Loan Amortization Type
  5. Loan Amortization Term
  6. Posted Interest Rate
  7. Posted APR
  8. Interest Only Indicator
  9. Negative Amortization Indicator
  10. Mortgage Product Description
  11. Product Investor Type
  12. Initial Adjustment Period Years Count
  13. Estimated Closing Costs
  14. Loan Amount
  15. Estimated Down Payment Percent
  16. Upfront Mortgage Insurance Premium
  17. Estimated Monthly Principal and Interest Payment
  18. Interest Rate Lock-In Period Day Count
  19. Disclosures Text (n+)
  20. Contact information link
  21. Contact information telephone number
  22. Lender name
  23. Lender Logo
























  1. Sample screen shots of lender website display


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