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  • Jacobus Geluk  JG will look into that build job per TC. See notes in JIRA.
Jacobus Geluk2017-09-12 Meeting notes
Dean Allemang2017-09-07 Meeting notes
  • Anthony B. Coates Now that JG has done this part, TC to resolve the remaining build error.
Anthony B. Coates2017-08-31 Meeting notes
Dean Allemang2017-08-10 Meeting notes
Jacobus Geluk2017-08-10 Meeting notes
Jacobus Geluk2017-08-10 Meeting notes
  • Dean Allemang  change one of the about files to ALL for the all-importing file
Dean Allemang2017-07-06 Meeting notes
  • Mike Bennett dig out the ISO 20022 naming / transformation convention for URIs and labels
Mike Bennett2017-07-06 Meeting notes
  • Omar Bryan Khan  1) pick up artifacts from the Jenkins server - 1 week. 2) do something with the generator - 2 weeks. 3)  do something with the publisher sooner. All contingent if we drop StarDog for now.  All agree to focus on spec....... for now.  
Omar Bryan Khan2017-06-06 Meeting notes
Dennis Wisnosky2017-05-30 Meeting notes

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