Note: any URLs (and ontology URIs) should be recognized and made clickable, including references from annotations.

Glossary/Business User View

Always shown

  • Primary label
  • Synonyms 
  • Definition
  • Explanatory Note
  • Logical Description (generated)
  • Type (i.e. Class/Noun - open issue what terminology)
  • Ontology/Module/Domain hierarchy
  • Maturity

On request

  • Term origin
  • Adapted from
  • Definition origin
  • (not Editorial Note which is for maintainers)
  • IRI
  • Version

Taxonomy and Structure views

All of the above

  • Access path (different groupings, probably hierarchic, and navigations reflecting different usage context)

Ontologist View

Always shown

All of the above, using the actual predicates, except:

  • Logical Description (generated)

On request

All annotations

  • No labels