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The EDM Council intends to publish FIBO quarterly on  This will include 400 Plus files that are all of the 30 Financial Industry Domain/subdomain ontologies that have been being developed for many years.  Much of these 30 Domains will serve as raw content to be further expanded and refined by Subject Matter Experts using the FIBO Build-Test-Deploy-Maintain Methodology.  Of immediate importance, within these 30 Domains and Subdomains are 8 Domains that have been vetted by SMEs, and have passed standard industry Hygiene tests for Web Ontology Language (OWL) content.  In addition to content, will contain an open source package of applications named the RDF ToolKit.  This will enable both casual and expert users to pick and choose FIBO content and how they want to visualize and use that content. and the RDF ToolKit are works in process.  The EDM Council welcomes and encourages participation from users and developers.

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  1. Will there be a SPARQL endpoint or only files?

    1. Hi Kevin, we can load whatever version of FIBO (any branch any tag) whenever it changes in Github to the Stardog server (or any other server for that matter) that runs on Will that do?

  2. Will it include the latest NoMagic file?

  3. There does not seem to be anything at