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Today we took another look at the open JIRA issues for Securities.  In order to make progress on ABS / MBS, we really need to release LoanCore.  Issues that need to be addressed in order to release LoanCore include: (1) agreeing that the definitions we have are in good shape (Pete Rivett and John Gemski  to review), and (2) that we add enough additional information to cover the contractual analysis that reflects the ACTUS taxonomy.  This includes two new subclasses: (a) 'explicit financial contract event schedule', as a subclass of 'ad hoc' schedule, and (b) 'projected financial contract event schedule', which should be a subclass of regular schedule.  These schedules will provide the basis for encoding the set of possible occurrences that can happen over the lifetime of a contract.  We then need to encode the set of events that are possible that we are currently missing from ACTUS.  We will also need to create the set of classes of contracts that have these schedules as the cross product of the possible combinations.

It is not clear yet whether or not this set of classes and various classifiers with a complete map to ACTUS must be completed prior to releasing LoanCore (which should be renamed 'Loans', but we need to figure out how much of this work should be done and see if we can accomplish that by the end of the quarter.

The details for ACTUS are available at and the totality of options are provided in the JSON file on GitHub, linked from the ACTUS site.


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