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FBC Specification Document

The RFC submitted to the Object Management Group on 8/26 (pdf) – 


All of the ontologies are current in GitHub/pink, including (1) the modifications to FIBO Foundations (FND) documented in the RFC, and (2) all of the FBC ontologies that are documented in the specification.  

To Do: 

  • Add international jurisdiction individuals for things like the GLEIF / LEI repository (new ontology)
  • Add EU jurisdiction individuals (new ontology(ies)
  • Add more individuals to the US Jurisdiction / US Regulatory Agencies ontology for FINRA, MSRB, NFA, and any others the SMEs would like to include
  • Address any feedback 


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1 Comment

  1. Some of the diagrams are barely readable, even if I blow it up in a pdf reader. e.g. Figure 10.67.