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1) Use Case reminder


6) For next week.


Today we talked a bit about using FIBO for data interoperability. Exploring the use of FIBO to bridge silos, especially for the CFTC, is an important use case, but we also need to create "views" using SHACL. We could start by mocking it up via a demo environment rather than actually implementing something, such as to show commodities across swaps and futures, to provide an example of how it would work, perhaps via power point as a starting position.

We also looked at which ontologies related to DER are still provisional, including Settlement, which we need to release Equity Forwards, and Exotic Options.  We agreed to tackle exotic options first, since John G has already done some significant research there. See DER-122 as the current issue that we will be digging in to, and attached to that JIRA issue there is a document where John summarized the kinds of exotic options we need to be able to support, along with the properties that are specific to that kind of option.


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