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Today we walked through some of the open issues that were discussed last week.  Pete will tackle the FND-361 issue related to a datatype for monetary amounts so that we can continue adding some of the other details for currency related content on instruments as discussed.

We discussed next steps on ABS/MBS, and where we need to modify the LoanCore and related ontologies in order to support the ABS/MBS use cases.  One use case we discussed concerned looking at prediction of cash flows for ABS.  Requirements include being able to forecast how a given loan will perform based on its status.  So this is about maintaining current information about the loans on one's books for risk management, for example.  This requires details on the current state of a loan, and the information required in order to make lifetime-based commitments, including snapshots of performance. Sampling would be dependent on the institution and their regulatory requirements.  What the bank retains for ongoing credit analysis is what we need to track for the purposes of this use case.

Elisa will work with Jeff to prioritize terms from ACTUS and the ILDR report that are must have's in the LoanCore or related ontologies to support cash flows in other ABS/MBS ontologies in order to release LoanCore, and we'll go from there.


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