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1)  Use Case reminder.


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Slides from today are at

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Over the next week or so, Lucy will talk with her team so that on either 11/4 or the following meeting (11/11), we can work on GDP.  In the interim, Elisa will continue to work on some of the smaller issues for review.  Both a revised North American version of the IND 1.1 about file (IND-27) and the current draft IND common interest rates (IND-8) ontologies are available in Elisa's Fork for review.  We will attempt to revise the Common Interest Rates to look more like the standard economic indicators class, so that we have the notion of periodicity and currency in the case of LIBOR, as properties rather than requiring subclasses, and create individuals, but this will require testing to determine feasibility and what might work best for encoding with economic derivatives, market valuations, etc.

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