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Consider option of creating ObligationToPay class with sub-classes offline and bring back to group

Action items

  •  Michael Uschold on Origination      MU will make changes to ontology and suggest specific definitions to be reviewed.
  •  Michael Uschold MU will replace hasGiver/hasGetter with hasObligor/hasObligee and will make recommendation to FND
  •  Michael Uschold On has payor/has Payee       MU will rework this example this way and propose back to the group
  •  Michael Uschold On Obligation to Report MU to reflect on this, make suggestion to group SEE EMAIL STING ON THIS ONE
  •  Michael Uschold On hasCosts      MU to reflect on this distionction between the cost disclosures which are more like an offer, and the obligations that spawn from the contract
  •  Michael Uschold - Add hasPayor and hasPayee to ObligationToPay
  •  Lynn Calahan [X], Jennifer Bond-Caswell, Michael Uschold - review Obligor/Obligee and Payor/Payee concepts and relationships for appropriate construction and relationships