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Comment: Task marked complete


  •  Michael Uschold  
     Most of these items were done before creating this JIRA ISSUE. It only includes the two items in red.

    1.      CreditReport not always have a CreditScore, make min 0. e.g. for people with little credit history.

    2.      CreditReport not always have a CreditInquiry, make min 0.

    3.      CreditReport not always have a CreditTradeline and PublicRecord, make min 0.

    4.      CreditReport: add date of creation property (as of date) (to Report superclass).

    5.      Rename CreditRequest to CreditReportRequest

    6.      look into property like referencedParty or subjectParty (not work wel with FIBO refersTo, too limited.)
    Result: I looked and found nothing better. 

    7.      add asOf or effectiveDate to Report (inherited by CreditReport) see if asOfDate is in FND
    Result: nothing was in FND. I added asOfDate to CreditReport, not Report, since not all Reports have them. 

    8.      allow CreditScore to be float, not integer. MOVE TO IDENTIFIER RATIONALIZATION
    Result: changed to be decimal, not float due to a range specification for the property. 

    9.      allow CreditScore to be non-numeric (e..g low, medium, high). research this, [can of  worms] throw over the fence to FND. Want something like CreditRating that includes qualitative and quantitative scores. MOVE TO ID RATIONALIZATION
    Result:  added CreditScoreCategory for non-numeric. Did not move to ID RATIONALIZATION.

    10.  CreditScore min 0 CreditScoreFactor

    11.  CreditScore maybe use isDerivedFrom model rather than uses_g
    Result: replaced uses_g with isDerivedFrom in the restriction. 

    12.  Find out why is Specification in this definition:
    Result: a credit score model is an algorithm, which specifies a sequence of computational steps, and thus is a specification.

    13.  <moved to separate task>

    14.  Need more information on CreditTradeline, e.g. payment history, etc.
    Result: added restriction: isDerivedFrom some TransactionHistory. 

    15a.  Change filter class connection from tradeline to loan contract to be to Contract, not necessarily a loan contract, could be utilities account, or rental agreement. Always a contract behind it. Also about paying bills, failure to pay, 
    15b.  Tradeline not derived from the contract. maybe isBasedOn Contract? or is based on the transaction history of the contract?

    Result: added isDerivedFrom some TransactionHistory restriction to CreditTradeLine. TransactionHistory is tied to a Contract. So, there is a property path from the Tradeline to the Account viat the TransactionHistory.


    Michael Uschold Consider how to broaden to CreditScoreModelScheme rather than  CreditScoreModelType, Off-line withy Lynn, maybe look at arrangement in FIBO FND. Not that different from addressing scheme. MOVE TO ID RATIONALIZATION
    Result: I’m not sure in what sense a CreditScoreModelScheme is an AddressingScheme, which is itself a kind of IndexingScheme (in FND).  An address is an index to a location. What is a credit model type an index to?   Does this sound right?  If so, is there a good reason to do this now?
    I propose to defer for now, and change it if required by HMDA.


    Jennifer Bond-Caswell, Lynn Calahan [X], Michael Uschold - continue discussion of necessity of adding Identifier class

    . Describe CreditScore


    Michael Uschold - edit CreditInquiry from some to hasPart


    Lynn Calahan [X] and Jennifer Bond-Caswell - refine CreditRequest v. CreditReportRequest and definitions


    Lynn Calahan [X] and Jennifer Bond-Caswell - review and further rationalize CreditRepository and CreditReportingAgency for presentation to working group


    Michael Uschold - research with Foundations and bring back content regarding CreditScore and CreditRating superclass.


    Michael Uschold - CreditScoreFactor should be min 0


    Michael Uschold - confer with Foundations regarding existence of Account concept