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6) For next week.


Today's discussion continued our work on options.  We talked about option style, that a given contract has some 'style' which may have other characteristics associated with it, but that the words 'exercise terms' were considered wrong for that purpose.  We should have 'templates' for American, Bermudan, and European options that provide the appropriate characteristics, so that one can infer the style of a given option based on its characteristics, though.  Also discussed exercise schedules - the simple case would have a date and style, but some are more complicated.  The simplest schedule would have an end date and style only, in other words, but others would leverage a parametric schedule - either a list of dates, or list of windows, for example, or recurring window in which an option can be exercised.  As an example, we should attempt to create a simple American schedule that has a "by date" expiration date.


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