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Marla volunteered to work with her team to look at the spreadsheets and see what her team can do to map it to commercial data, and ultimately map their data to FIBO and help us test it with real-world commercial content.  John will check internally to see if he can send us the latest CFTC SDR spreadsheet with any revised definitions.  Also, Pete will look into whether there is a later version of the FpML rates that we need to integrate into FIBO, and potentially migrate from class representation to individuals as reference data.


Action items

  •  Elisa Kendall- check with Robert to make sure that Shan and Marla have access to the wiki (Marla has partial access), JIRA, and github
  •  Elisa Kendall - send Marla the EBRDF definitions spreadsheet and last version of the CFTC mapping that we created