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6) For next week.


Our primary focus this week was on feedback from John Tierney on the Bonds ontology, which was quite useful.  We walked through notes available here - 

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More specific notes and decisions: 

  1. Review outstanding pull request (SEC-89)

Merge request has been sitting in Git for 2+ weeks.  This delay is manifesting as a blocker for other work.  To be unblocked by Pete.  Pete raised legit concerns, but they apply to other items, not this.  Question for FLT: who should be approving pull requests.

       2. Review of Bond hierarchy with John: initial sanity check. Noting that some definitions need some tweaking.

  • IndexAmortizingBond should be moved to ABS -- JIRA item forthcoming.
  • Need issue for ConvertibleBond to have more general definition and MandatoryConvertable should be a child.
  • Debenture: need to secured/unsecured as related concepts. make Debenture a synonym of UnsecuredBond.
  • FullFaithAndCreditBond: kill second sentence of editorial note.
  • GeneralObligationMunicipalBond: rephrase definition to reflect John's suggestion.
  • ImplicitFullFaithAndCredit needs definition: proposal provided by John.
  • SovereignBond: need def: provided by John.
  • kill both children of GeneralObligationMunicipalBond
  • Affiliate: likely to kill.
  • GovernmentBond: replace "support" with "fund".
  • GreenBond: discussed whether or not this should be a subclass of government bond - consensus was that we need to generalize the definition.  See  climate and environmental related is key, not the issuer.
  • ListedBond: strike last sentence of expl note
  • MediumTermNote: definition needs massage. Expl note is a bit of a jumble. Nothing wrong, per se, but a jumble.
  • John Gemski (to Everyone): 9:31 AM: A medium-term note (MTN) is a debt note that usually matures (is paid back) in 5–10 years, but the term may be less than one year or as long as 100 years. They can be issued on a fixed or floating coupon basis. (Investopedia)
  • PerpetualBond: add reference (synonym of) to "consols"
  • StepUpBond: add Johns defintion.
  • EquityLinkedNote: move to ABS
  • PerpetualFloatingRateNote: needs definition. Reference to Remaketable Agreement is not quite right per John's notes.  There was discussion around killing it as an artifact of the past, though John Gemski pointed out that although it may no longer be issued, there could be holdings
  • Action Items: EK to get Jira issues in place and crank through them.  The FCT agreed that an umbrella issue for most, if not all of the clean-up was warranted, perhaps a second issue to address those elements being moved to ABS.


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