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4. How would a user map the securities that they are managing to the CFI classification scheme?

Classes representing the exhaustive set of features for equities (e.g., voting rights, ownership restrictions, payment status, form) are defined in the EquityInstruments ontology.  A partial set of individual codes covering common and preferred shares are available in the EquityCFIClassificationIndividuals ontology.  The codes are mapped to the classes representing the combination of features they denote in that ontology.  FIBO users can look at these examples to map other kinds of instruments and develop other codes in the same way.

Note that the 2021 version of the CFI codes are now published in RDF using a SKOS vocabulary, so we will be revising our CFI ontology to map to the ISO codes ontology over the coming months. 

5. How would a user map the market data currently published by the New York Stock Exchange or Nasdaq for the common stock issued by a given issuer?


Next steps include demonstrating how to represent this information for a given listing in our equities examples, with adjustments to the ontologies as needed.


B. Bonds / Fixed Income Instruments