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Any reference to a URI in any context other than as the object of an annotation property must have a type triple for that URI. 

Crossing domains / ranges

If one property is a sub of another, then the domains (respectively ranges) should not be subClasses in the opposite direction.

Labels and Definitions

Every Class and Property defined in FIBO must have an rdfs:label and a skos:definition

Ontology Metadata

Every Ontology defined in FIBO must have a rdfs:label, sm:copyright, dct:license, dct:abstract 

String printability

Text should not use special characters

References to owl:Thing

We should not make explicit references to owl:Thing

Unique Labels

Labels should be unique across FIBO for classes and properties.

Multiple Inverses

Object properties shouldn't have more than one inverse.

Annotation vocabulary

rdfs:comment shouldn't be used for FIBO annotation.

Equivalent Named Classes

Equivalent classes may indicate polysemy spread accross multiple classes

Disjunctive definitions

Definitions should not contain the "or" connective.

Proposed Hygiene tests:

Definition Format