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  •  Mike Atkinfind Siemens example of Instrument and Issue challenge fof FIBO consideration 
  •  Elisa Kendall needs help to move concepts from CA ontology to FBC (credit event, distress events, etc.). All need DEFINNITIONS (improve, create) for credit events. Need expertise on credit events David Saul  will help find SME. Credit events open issues (1) move from CA to FBC (2) improve definition. EK can do #1 but needs help on #2
  •  David Saul to explore the right SME on credit events and collateral. Third ontology SETTLEMENT (FBC-185) - created from odds and ends in SEC. Needs higher level of abstraction. SETTLEMENT needs SME support 
  •  Mike Atkin add to  FLT agenda. Strategic issue - how does FIBO deal with PRICING (FND or MD)!!!