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1) Use Case reminder


6) For next week.


20170416 FIBO SEC FCT


Last time we met: started looking at EXT stuff for excision. Many have been addressed, some are open for discussion.


A few have not been reviewed; a few came back. The few that came back require review to confirm that the items are not in use.


ACTION:EK and RB to meet offline to do review pass and bring back open items to larger group.


Discussion: assigning identifiers to the various legal entities that have different functional roles. Banks, in particular.

with ontologies. 


Pete would like to discuss contents of many emails from a month or so ago.


Pete There are 3 levels of FIGI. Which relate to FIBO equities? EK I guess we need the global. Pete, yes for shares, but for tradable instruments and trades, we need others. Further FND has the notion of Share and also in Equities. Need to look at the ramifications of merging them. 


ACTION: EK Asking Pete to pull some examples and suggest where the model should be aligned properly. Happy to work through with Pete.


ACTION:EK goes back to 27 Jan email and this still should be done.


Action items