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We also reviewed some of the content in the provisional FIBO IND area - the IndicatorsValues ontology is entirely redundant and should be removed once we resolve any references to it.  Similarly for the BasketIndicesPublishers ontology, which includes only one class that is a subclass of the Publisher class in an FND informative ontology, not in the BE released ontology, which is a mistake.  The class is not useful, and we should review all subclasses of FinancialInformationPublisher more generally, as most do not add significant value.

For Market Indices, we may need to incorporate NAICS codes for industry sectors, since NAICS is the standard reference that many financial institutions and statistics organizations use for determining market sectors to which certain indices apply.  Another potential reference is standard occupational codes, which are available from BLS for the US - see  Dan is interested in having an ontology for these, which we could hook up with FIBO at the top levels.


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