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1) Use Case reminder


6) For next week.


Today we mainly looked at the IDMP wiki pages and discussed restructuring what we have for FIBO. The FIBO pages are all over the place and not easy to navigate at all, at least if you are not familiar with the structure and with FIBO.

We plan to reorganize the details that are either working group specific, process specific, older demo specific, and the like as well as create new content. This includes new pages at the top that describe the kinds of policies we have captured for IDMP, many of which were derived from FIBO's ontology guide, move some of the use cases up, and add more with better documentation, describe the mappings including how we are generating the reference data, describe the approach to examples vs. reference data vs. jurisdiction specifics, etc. These kinds of restructuring changes will be useful for organizing planned work related to digital assets, mapping to ACTUS cash flow parameters, mapping to the GLEIF LEI data and to the site / ontologies, etc. We can also add the mapping to the FARs related to CFTC swap data reporting requirements which was originally done several years ago. That needs to be updated, but capturing it where FIBO users can find it may be useful.


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