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Continued walk-through of bonds this week.  In addition to addressing John T's notes, eliminate Strip Bond being a subclass of PrincipalOnlyStrip, since there are also InterestOnlyStrip s.  It should be a child of Strip instead.

We should introduce a disjointness between sovereign bond and muni bond; A T-Bill should be both a money market instrument and a bond - see the notes attached for the bonds aspect of the definition.

MunicipalBond - usage needs to be there, should also be a child of legal document; make sure we also have something that links a muni bond to the source of funds, which could also be a statement, but not 'public purpose'.  Should also be linked to an escrow account which is reduced as the government withdraws the funds raised through the bond.  There is also collateral involved, which should be linked to the bond (to reduce risk, although it could be something silly like 'the Brooklyn Bridge').

Eliminate property hasEntireOrPartialCallChoice; turn other properties into verbs; eliminate other duplication as appropriate, such as with Obligor


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