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Currently the ABS ontology includes the notion of a controlled amortization bond - which is really a controlled amortization ABS ... 

Definition of controlled amortization ABS: 

Controlled-amortization ABS resemble corporate bonds with a sinking fund. After a predetermined “revolving” period during which only interest payments are made, these securities attempt to return principal to investors in a series of defined periodic payments that usually occur over less than a year.

We eliminated the bond terms from ABS that were already in the bonds ontology. We are missing some terms related to bond statistics from the pools ontology, however. John will look at what we need to add this coming week with respect to WAC etc. to the pools ontology.

From last week, we still need to address the following:

  1. We are currently missing some of the repayment terms that would help distinguish linear amortizing from fixed amortizing contracts. Jeff will research what we need to do to add the additional parameters from ACTUS.
  2. Elisa will look at moving the credit card ontology to Loans and releasing it, as well as what we have in consumer and student loans, and what needs to be added to make them ready for release in support of ABS.


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