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Today we continued working through the definitions in LoanCore in preparation for release, which we hope to be able to accomplish for this quarter end (i.e., by the end of next week or sometime the following week during the OMG Technical Meeting).

In a follow-up discussion with Pete we agreed to restructure LOAN as follows:

  1. Rename the LoanContracts module to LoansGeneral
  2. Rename the LoanCore ontology to LoansGeneral
  3. Move the LoansRegulatory ontology from the Loans module to the LoansGeneral module and eliminate the Loans module
  4. Create a new module called RealEstateLoans
  5. Move the HMDA, MortgageLoans and ConstructionLoans ontologies to the new RealEstateLoans module
  6. Rename the PersonalLoans ontology to ConsumerLoans and merge it with the GeneralLoans ontology
  7. Rename the LoanTypes module to LoansSpecific
  8. with respect to the CreditProducts ontology, move the class called 'revolving line of credit' to the Debt ontology in FBC, and move the remaining concepts to the ConsumerLoans ontology, eliminating the CreditProducts ontology which is misnamed


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