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At the start of the call, John and Pete approved our SEC-161 pull request, which Pete merged so that we could continue our work on ABS.

CashStructuredFinanceInstrument should be a subclass of DebtInstrument, not of Bond.

Note that we have a number of different classes under offering and some of the things under that should be under instrument but not duplicated under offering.  The question is what would be included in the offering that is unique from the descriptive elements of the instrument.  There are a number of difference kinds of offerings that may pull various instruments together that are well known, but that may not have a parallel notion of instrument by the same name per se.  And, which things should be enumerated under instrument that are missing there.  Need to sort out where CLO goes - currently under offering, but should probably show up in both places.

See also the attached use case from Jeff that he and Bob Mark put together:  


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