1) Use Case reminder

2) Where we are on our road map. 

3) Open Action Items

4) JIRA Issues Review -

5) Todays content discussion.




6) For next week.


Today we restarted our Securities work for this first quarter of 2020, focused primarily on our use case related to exchange-specific securities data.  After introductions of our new / returning members, we walked through the ontologies and FIBO GitHub structure to familiarize people with what we are doing.  We also reviewed our current use case, SEC-02, to update folks on where we are working at the moment.

Several things came out of this call:

  1. There are a number of working group members that need access to github, the wiki, and JIRA - Elisa will follow up with Robert on that
  2. Citi would like access to the CCM repository that is more current than what's published
  3. Citi is very interested in working with us on a related use case for Securities - for representing master data that a large bank might care about.  Large banks care about more than just the details that an exchange might be publishing, and think that a subset of what Citi tracks would likely be of interest to other institutions.  Chris mentioned that Bank of the West and Bank of California would also be interested in this.  Elisa will follow up with Steve Creek on that so that we can start to document the use case, as SEC-03.
  4. Citi would like us to also represent their stock as a part of SEC-02, which Elisa and Steve will work on over the next few weeks, and co-ordinate with Chris / Steve on SMEs and data requirements.
  5. Ian is more focused on infrastructure, so we might want to have a presentation on that in one of our next meetings - possibly have Dean walk through it for folks.


Action items

  • Elisa Kendall- Reach out to Robert to make sure that the Citi folks, Colin Bell, Chris and Sun have access to everything they are interested in, including the CCM internal repository for Citi / Ian
  • Elisa Kendall - Develop a starting point use case for SEC-03 and send it to Steve and Chris; also send them an MS Word version of the current SEC-02 use case