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1) Use Case reminder

2) Where we are on our road map. 

3) Open Action Items

4) JIRA Issues Review -

5) Todays content discussion.




6) For next week.


20180820 FIBO SEC FCT


Quick discussion of baseline OWL files for FIBO 2.0--some question around transforming into OMG-appropriate format and inclusion of copyrights and such.Transforming IRIs is central.


 DebtFinance.rdf: some stuff that might need to be purged.Some items likely should be retained, but this file is likely not needed.


Looking at DebtFinance (the class) for elimination and MoniesOwing for elimination. Looking at dependencies.


DebtFinance first: two uses: one in this ontology and LoanDrawdown in Loans ontology.


For relationship to Loans ontology: we are killing the dependency and letting the Loans Jira crowd know about the orphan status of LoanDrawdown.For relationship inside this ontology: we are killing the restriction on NonTradableDebtInstrument.


MoniesOwing: killed.


Number of different loan types are children of LoanDrawdown--raising JIRA issue for Loans to fix. LOAN-14120 SEC-55 raised: move three classes from DebtFinance to proper homes.


Onto DebtInstrumentGuranties.rdf.


 LetterOfCredit: discussion of where this belongs.Should be child of Collateral. JIRA: SEC-56 raised.


 DebtIssuanceTerms.rdf on deck.Need to eliminate duplicative terms: offerIssue --> offering (which is in FBC). The debtIssuance needs to be distributed and killed.


DebtCashflowTerms.rdf: similar issues: many duplicates, and eliminations and redistributions to be made; likely kill file @ end.


Action items