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1) Use Case reminder

2) Where we are on our road map. 

3) Open Action Items

4) JIRA Issues Review -

5) Todays content discussion.




6) For next week.


20180611 FIBO SEC FCT


GLEIF Level II needs some work with the help of Jeff working with Elisa. Needs to represent the accounting relationship. Jeff Parent and child terms are used loosely in the graphical sense, not as ownership and control. The ROC wanted accounting consolidation, not ownership. Accounting and consolidation says nothing about ownership.


Jeff Accounting rules also depend on jurisdiction. Elisa We must be careful and not overstate what is meant by relationship. Jeff need to define different relationship types. Level II is just the first relationship type. It is not the final answer. Next for Level II should be the actual relationship.


Jeff There is a Private Node Identifier (PNI) that is not published.


Elisa need to keep modeling this week for MIC and other ISO. Including CFI. Jeff That will be interesting. Elisa Don't intend to do it all. Want the very top level of CFI. And make sure the classification scheme is represented for the top level. Top of ISO 10962.2015.


Jeff Then the question will be, "Where is the rest?". Pete Lots of overlap with FIGI.


ACTION Elisa and Pete to meet on SEC and FIGI and more


BE about files bring in some individuals. All European is brought in. Eventually PELLET quits.


Many About files updated that bring in many many individuals. Wells Fargo needs many of these. Need to use U of Aberdeen on these, not PELLET.


When the Pull Request goes through all .ext will be gone for SEC. Last item will be eliminating duplication in Bonds. C11 in Elisa spreadsheet. Will need Jeff to help for Level II consolidation.


Jeff AboutSEC-2.0 DebtInstrument assumes the side of transaction one is on? Elisa no.


Jeff There is a taxonomy for debt instruments that FIBO also uses and I don't like.


Jeff Braswell "Don't like" is a bit emotive -- more like, I have a slightly different view of the facets :)


Debt is an old school market term. Should consider ACTUS Contract types.


JEFF say again what ACTUS has relevant to this?


Jeff Braswell


Elisa wants to eliminate abbreviations in titles. Wants the long ne and the short ne. Changing these as they are found.


Jeff Braswell (to All):


Jeff the 2 links will explain how ACTUS is conceptually organized.


Elisa "The equities in FIBO is a mess". Needs to be worked on. Jeff the Equity basket must be index funds. Elisa Yes.


Jeff Equity Instrument as a placeholder should be sufficient. Need to decide how deep want to classify different types of marketable securities. Defer to Richard !


Elisa Lots of duplicates in DebtFoundations

ACTION Elisa to send Dial in details for OMG.



Action items