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1) Use Case reminder

2) Where we are on our road map. 

3) Open Action Items

4) JIRA Issues Review -

5) Todays content discussion.




6) For next week.


20180312 FIBO SEC FCT


Elisa killed some ontologies that were superfluous. Jacobus changed URIs according to new FIBO policy. This requires catalog and other updates. Pete found an Elisa bug and Elisa squashed it.


Elisa goal is to do much this week because of OIMG next week. Richard not on the call today. EK wants to kill some duplicate ontologies. Issuance terms and others. Some classes also have no definitions. Could use more general terms in many cases. EK to David Saul "what did Oliver say about this"? David, nothing. Has 14 of 16 reports done. Will meet his deadline. Has developed a new user interface that looks very good. EK wants to see this. EK for David Saul, take a new snapshot in GitHub after the URIs change. Oliver is freezing all that he can for a demo next week and then EDW.


David Saul Cutter has nearly 300 signed up for the OMG demo. Should be> 300. It is a who's who of the financial industry. Includes others such as MITRE and IBM.


Elisa to Pete Do you have time to run tests. Yes, today being run. Takes some time.


Elisa Need to go into BE Ext and eliminate some content that was eliminated and came back. CCM did this - apparently.


EK has been doing triage killing off development content. Will need help from Richard later today. Richard says ok.


Pete to EK How are you handling the equities issues that I have emailed you about? EK There r many emails and now looking at them. No new ones in the last 24 hours. Several on SEC. EK is working through these. Pete Can we triage all of this? EK can do BE but has no access to MB content. Need MB to respond.


ACTION: MB to contact EK on FND issues in Pete's item seven in email Part 3. MB to OK Elisa to make the fixes herself.


Pete will raise and FND issue for this. We already have FND-157 which is about eliminating business facing types. I will add a new comment to that


DW to EK Please be sure to write what will be needed for the "Release Notes". EK has been putting the notes in GitHub. Will want to roll some of them up to higher level summaries. EK will edit right before publication time.


ACTION: EK asks that JG and Dean do production during OMG week so that issues can be resolved before publication deadline.


EK Not changing item 4 on Pete’s list. Pete Agrees.


EK opens the issue list from ATL meeting. Some issues resolved, but some not. Lots of duplicates in FND. EK asks if she still has carte blanc to remove content that MB can't put back. DWiz - Yes.


Pete Does MB need to make clear what is his and what is FIBO. DWiz - Yes, he does and so does everyone else such as the Makolab question about FIBO being on Makolab website..


ACTION: FND-157 will be updated by Pete and assigned to EK.


EK will wait for Pete to tell her if she still has dangling references.



Action items