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1)  Use Case reminder.

2)  Where  we are on our road map. 

3)  Open Action Items

4 ) JIRA Issues Review

5)  Todays content discussion.




6)  For next week.


20170123 FIBO SEC FCT


Combination SEC and FBC this week.  Next week: cancelled.  FBC rtf report: due date Feb. 20.  if we are going to do this.  There are a variety of dependencies on the updates to FBC that require us to push this forward sooner than later.  Also, there is an effort underway to set a broad FIBO baseline and we would do well to get these changes incorporated into that. 


SEC-3: dependent on changes in FND.  SEC-2: done.  SEC-3: changes in FND have been done.  SEC action item was to move the relevant concepts to FND--Done.  SEC-5: done.  SEC-7: done.  SEC-7: significant work on Offering and children.  Wes:  Add "Reg S Offering" or "Offshore Offering" to the class Exempt Transactions under Offerings.  Add "Private Placements" to the class Exempt Transactions under Offerings. 


Still have to do (fallout from SEC-7): add exempt security under Security Issuance.  So, SEC-7 is not quite done. 


SEC-6: done in FND.  Need to change a couple of parents away from ContractTermSet.  SettlementTerms: same issue.  StandardizedTermsSetneeds to find new parent as well.  Suggestion: change "StandardizedTermsSet" through deprecation to "StandardizedTerms.  Bond-Caswell:  I have quite a bit of experience in Contract concepts.  Happy to help on that front.  Elisa:  We definitely need your help here, so let's plan a time to work through it soon! 


Action: Jennifer to help EK sort this out later this week.


SEC-4: largely done; few open questions around what constitutes an event, plus some stuff around Exempt/non-exempt transactions.  Action:  Wes Moore to help on both items. 


All that is left open: SEC-4, 6, 7


Onto FBC....Note: don't need to address all open issues to issue rtf report.  Work on FBC-106 underway.  Need to add restriction to ThirdPartyAgent that requires Fudiciary Responsibility (under Capacity).  Need to add a high-level concept of CapacityDelegatedLegalAuthority might be good parent.  Wes: proposes we look at this under Transaction Capacity (will need new class for that in FBC).  Missing ThirdParty, that is a human person.  Need to reference appropriate PartyInRole to ThirdPartyAgent to cover the human being involved.  Will need to add an appropriate PartyInRole to FBC. 


ThirdPartyAgency promoted to FBC from SEC.  FBC-107 also underway.  Account needs a different parent and a bunch of children remain in FBC.  Several items need to be updated with respect to status (they are done, just not yet marked as such) or are no longer relevant owing to changes elsewhere.  NOTE: none of the items are yet in OMG Jira--once we figure out which ones we want to include in rtf, we can create issues on the OMG side. 


Target for next time: lay out the items from FBC Jira that we want in on the rtf and flag status/work required so that we can get the OMG Jira/ballots moving. Again: deadline Feb 20.


Action items