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1)  Use Case reminder.

2)  Where  we are on our road map. 

3)  Open Action Items

4 ) JIRA Issues Review

5)  Todays content discussion.





6)  For next week.


20161017 FIBO-SEC FCT

Slides from today –


SEC today


Review of where we are: FBC is fully posted!  SEC: current versions in GitHub in pink, integrated with FND 1.1, BE 1.1, FBC 1.0, IND1.0.  Debt are in draft mode in Elisa's Fork.   Transition to pink forthcoming, few details to resolve, but nothing serious.  Still need reviews and input on Pink ontologies.


Priorities: Identifiers, review DebtAndEquities Entities, review DebtInstruments, reveiw basic compatibility of SEC/Securities against Red FIBO to make sure we did not miss anything critical.


Definition of Debt: review.  Doing best to source and tweak definition format standards--Barron's if possible.  Debt, Debtor, Creditor, debtor: definition needs work--feel free to make suggestions (with source, if possible).  Borrower: adapted from Barron's, decent, but please tweak as needed.


Borrowing capacity: Barron's again, sort of.


Creditor: adapted from Barron's, pretty solid.


Lender, similarly solid cross-referenced against DebtInstrument in FBC, adopted from CFI, not quite right, please review.  Possibly too narrow.


CreditAgreement from FBC: much tighter definition--SME review please. 


Collaeral: Barron's definition in place.


DebtTerms: (formerly DebtTermsSet).  Could use source for the definition, though it is pretty solid.  Gareth is Interest an adopted Barron's definition?  DebtInterest becomes redundant, restrictions from it need to be promoted up to InterestPrincipalAmount. 
Related concept missing is PrincipalAndInterestPayment.  Scratch that, add PrincipalAndInterest.  Change PrincipalAmount to PrincipalDebtInterest.


PaymentTerms: need better definitionDebtPrincipalRepaymentTerms: again, need definition review--conceptually fine, but needs sourcing.


Accrual: solidAccrualBasis (property): sourcing? (definition is solid).


DayCountConvention: adopted from Red: want to rationalize against recent work in FIBO V.


Amortization:  Again, recent work in FIBO-V needs to be reconciled.


Review of dropped/redefined concepts inherited from FIBO Red (mostly for Mike's benefit).  Some dropped items should not just die, but should live elsewhere, e.g., FND.


Accounting.Guaranty: need source, if possible. need to revise definition to apply more generally--not just securities.  Restrictions should parallel CollatoralContractGuarantor: ambiguity around company guarantor? leave for now.add: something about the monetary amount and terms that are guaranteed.  Need more SME review here.  Need to capture relationship between guarantee and guarantyPriortyLevel: needs to be teased out.  Need some solid SME input here.  Note: "guaranty" should be "guarantee" or both likely should qualify this as tightly related to guarantee/y.


Sneak preview of new Debt Instruments ontology.  We will review this carefully next week.  Number of undefined orphan terms, but that will be sorted out shortly.  Need to integrate cleanly with FIBO-V.


Homework assignments: see end of deck (will be posted on WIKI). 


Next meeting 24th, No meeting on 31st.



Action items