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1)  Use Case reminder.

2)  Where  we are on our road map. 

3)  Open Action Items

4 ) JIRA Issues Review

5)  Todays content discussion - Securities Identifiers (continued), Schedules, including ISDA Schedules

Draft spreadsheet of potential identifiers to be included see – 

Slides from this week – 

6)  For next week.


20160208 FIBO-SEC FCT


Agenda Review: quick update on where we are on FBC, but focus on SEC today.  Securities Identification and ISDA schedules are key topics today.


Introduction of Marc Alvarez: going to be leading content team in short order.  Marc: Chief Data Officer at Mizuho.  Interested in structuring dictionaries internally.


Review of outstanding issues.  No open issues in wiki, some in FBC, will cover next meeting (2 weeks out).  Of note: we have been updating in GitHub with a fair bit of stuff, please grab accordingly spreadsheet to be uploaded to wiki today (will be discussed in meeting). In git: baskets, convertibles, classification, issuance, listings and assets. Please look through definitions as there is work needed. 


Today: continue Securities Identification and start Schedules. Review of schedule in deck.  Security Identifier overview.  There was a listing of individual security identifiers in a legacy ontology.  These have been reviewed and we are looking at incorporating these identifiers into the Identification ontology.  Walking through FIGI as example.  RegisteredBy, RegisteredIn, RIC and SEDOL are represented as proprietary identifiers in parallel to FIGI and others.  Spreadsheet lists a number of candidates. Some national, some global, etc. "Ticker" is sort of a generic catch all; is it legit? 


General question to group: are there symbols that you care about that are absent, please yell.


QUIC code is missing.  To be added.  Legacy Identifier: some should be in if they are still in use in major ways.  posting spreadsheet to WIKI, please grab it and give it a review.


Shifting to Schedules.  Originally buried in Derivatives, but we elected to "promote" it as ISDA schedules can apply to more than derivatives.  ISDA: Parametric Schedule, subclass of a Regular Schedule.  Initial Stub, final stub, start date, etc. 


Review of subclass relationships (long list, pls review).


Michael Uschold:  Schedules are used for loan repayment, which is independent from securities. I propose that a schedule belongs in either FND or FBC.  Stub Period defined as part of ISDA.  Periodic Scheduled Event Date defined in terms of they way the date is determined.  Each variation, e.g., DayOfMonth is also defined, specifically, for ISDA.  Looking for examples of ISDA schedules to validate model.  Cross-referencing Derivatives PoC to see if this crosses the boundaries.  At this point, there is no overlap, but will cue this up for forthcoming work on Futures. 


Pete: point regarding technical jargon in definitions.  Also pointed out that some of the ISDA bits, e.g., Day of Week, is too generic for just ISDA.  Pete is right on both.


Discussion of how Day of Month, Day of Week are covered and where.  Need: ensure that the concepts live somewhere so that they can be properly referenced from ISDA Schedules.  First step: determine if the ISDA ontology works as designed with test data.  Then we can figure out where the bits need to live in the broader set of ontologies.


Homework: (see deck) Definitions in Identification; Issuance; Listings; Classification; Assets. Homework response has been underwhelming (hint, hint) Schedule review: Next meeting Feb 22, FBC; Feb 29, SEC Current ontologies in Pink will be posted to GitHub today.




Action items