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FIBO Loans FCT Meeting Agenda_051216.doc

1)  Use Case reminder.

2)  Where  we are on our road map. 

3)  Open Action Items

4 ) JIRA Issues Review

5)  Todays content discussion.


            UML              loans-2016-04-19.pdf

            Spreadsheet  LoansAnnotations-FreshCopy- Integrated_review05122016.xlsx

            Protégé           loanCore-2016-04-19.rdf

6)  For next week.


Continued review of HMDA concepts in LoanAnnotations file and OWL relationships.

ChatLog DW FIBO Reoccurring Meeting 2016_05_12 17_07.rtf 

 LoansAnnotations-FreshCopy- Integrated_review05122016_team updates.xlsx

FIBO Loans FCT Meeting Minutes_051216.doc

Review of development


Picking up on review of LOAN updates


Picked up where we left off last time at CreditMessage


CreditMessage definition reviewed and approved for update


Review of CreditMessageType

Enumerations would be constructed as classifiers

CreditAlertMessage on the table?

Back to CreditMessage to refine definition. Modified "alert" to "notify"

AI: Review jurisdictional aspects of list of enums for CreditMessageType LOAN-69 - Getting issue details... STATUS


Review CreditReportProduct

On table: is a CreditReportProduct a FinancialProduct?  Service?


Al: Reclass CreditReportProduct as an information product or service LOAN-70 - Getting issue details... STATUS


Request by its nature has a Response.  Request is an order for a product?

InformationProductt?  CreditReportType?


Eduardo:  Isn’t the credit report always at the customer level? Not at the product level. That was my understanding

credit bureau matches by SIN number most of the times and send whatever you request.


AI: Review FND AI CreditReportRequest/Response LOAN-71 - Getting issue details... STATUS


Eduardo:  I agree that some times there is no response and the request still needs to be tracked.





Al: review risk assessment and credit evaluation process and types in FND LOAN-72 - Getting issue details... STATUS


Eduardo: I like kind of credit report


Michael Uschold:  A specific kind of credit report that can be ordered in a CreditReportRequest.


CreditReportRequest review

Discuss and refine definition

Approved and accepted


CreditRiskAssessment review


Review placement in OWL and inheritance from FND

Review and refine definition


AI: Review RiskAssessment in FND



1.      Recommend add to upper FIBO something for InformationProduct, may not fit under current narrow definition of pas:Product. Report would be a subclass of this.

2.      add new class called Response, and a property responseTo which links to a Request.

3.      Remove restrictions to PreApproval things on CreditRiskAssessment.

4.      CreditMessage: Consider how to include info about what the jurisdiction is

5.      Move CreditReportProduct to be a subclass of Product, not FinancialProduct



Action items