FIBO Loans FCT Meeting Agenda_031716.doc


1)  Use Case reminder.    HMDA DDF Draft 1_11 MASTER_03042016_FIBO.xlsx

2)  Where  we are on our road map. 

3)  Open Action Items

4 ) JIRA Issues Review

5)  Todays content discussion.



            Spreadsheet     LoansAnnotations-Integrated-2016-03-017.xlsx

            Protégé             loanCore 2016-03-03.rdf

6)  For next week.


Reviewed and discussed HMDA terms in LoansAnnotations-Integrated file and how terms should be added to ontology and related to respective concepts.

FIBO Loans FCT Meeting Minutes_031716.doc


 After review and rationalization, the workgroup decided that LoanContract "has" a SecurityAgreement.

Action items

  • Lynn Calahan [X] Discuss with Foundations the concept of Property has terms in LoanContract and its intention LOAN-63 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  • Michael Uschold Change the property linking LoanContract to SecurityAgreement from hasPart to has
  • Michael Uschold Use produces instead of hasPart to relate the LoanContract to the obligations. 
  • Lynn Calahan [X] Inquire with Foundations how the class Commitment is defined

  • Lynn Calahan [X] Inquire regarding the Parties referred to in Commitment and appropriate or standard naming conventions LOAN-64 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  • Michael Uschold and Lynn Calahan [X] There are 2 AIs re OTP in the chat log. I believe that the second supersedes the first but please review and confirm. ~JBC
  • Michael Uschold Remove ObligationToPay and recast as new class for LoanCosts LOAN-65 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  • Michael Uschold feedback to FND recommend has single contract, term, not just term set
  • Michael Uschold Restriction on LoanContract to ObligationToRepay should be min 0